Core values

Integrity, Pride and Enjoyment

Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Communication, Professionalism, Passion, Attention to Detail, Excellence, Humility, Creativity and Hard Work.. Events management is the most sorted services and required by lots of companies, government agencies and individuals. Companies need to hold events to meet their needs, for instance to market themselves, build business relations with other companies, raise money, as a celebration and appreciation to the staffs, party events, fashion shows, exhibition, store opening, weddings just to mention a few. Neptune events management is one of the event management companies that holds hands with you our clients in organizing your memorable events and committed in fulfilling your satisfaction.


We spend our time in focusing on event organization and providing you with top class sound with our JBL and harman kardon sound systems hence helping you to effectively achieve your target best. We have vast experienced expertise that have been handling events for more than seven years such as arranging events for government sectors, private sectors, NGOs and individuals. Each and every event that will be processed by our company that has been and will be tailored in details to ensure customers satisfactions. We pride ourselves in what we do.